American Legion Youth Police Program Scheduled for June 25 – 30

The Youth Police Program was developed by the Department Safety, Law & Order Committee, in conjunction with the Illinois State Police in a meeting at the State Police Academy in October of 1971. Both males and females ages 14 through 16 are eligible to participate.
The primary purpose of the Youth Police Program is to establish an inter-personal relationship between the youth of our State and Law Enforcement Officers, in order to create a better understanding of the problems and attitudes of both groups, and to develop a rapport between youth and the police.
It is our intention that the youth attending this program need not necessarily be interested in a career in Law Enforcement. In fact, we feel that those youths who do not seem to have vocational or scholastic direction may benefit the most from this program. It is really our desire to recruit the average youth representing all communities and cultural backgrounds in the State of Illinois in an effort to rekindle in our youth the fading respect for persons empowered with the responsibility of enforcing the law at all levels of government.
This goal can be better accomplished by exposing these youths to Law Enforcement with an opportunity to objectively witness the rigid training and standards set forth in law enforcement today. 
It is our desire that each participant returns to their community with a clearer understanding of the police and their problems.
Applications must be received by the American Legion Division Chairman, Delmar Buske (4th Div., 21st Dist.) at 904 N. Van Buren Street, Litchfield, IL 62056.
If you have any questions, Mr. Buske may be contacted at 217-556-9555 or by e-mail at