Rep. Halbrook Statement on the Passage of Tax Hike

State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bills 6 and 9.

“Just hours before session today, Speaker Madigan and the House Democrats filed an appropriations and revenue plan for the fiscal year of 2018. This was not a compromise plan. The budget that passed the house does not reform workers’ compensation, or address our billion dollar pension debt, and it certainly does not provide any relief for property owners.

“In reality, all the budget does is raise taxes on citizens across the board without addressing any of the real issues facing the state. Today, Speaker Madigan got exactly what he wanted, a budget that raises taxes and maintains the status quo that has failed the state for 15 years. The budget that passed today is a bad deal for families, it is a bad deal for businesses, and it is a bad deal for the future of Illinois.”