Tuscola Mom Testifies at Capitol in Favor of Rep. Halbrook Bill on Classroom Placement for Twins


Pictured are Margie Carter of Tuscola and State Rep. Halbrook testifying.

State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) welcomed Margie Carter from Tuscola, a mother of twin daughters, to testify on House Bill 4368 that would require schools to allow parents of twins to decide if their children are better in a classroom together or in separate classrooms. The school may recommend classroom placement, but the school shall provide placement requested by the parent or guardian.

“Our children are not all the same and the school policy needs to recognize this and give parents the right to determine which setting is best for their twins or triplets,” said Rep. Brad Halbrook. “A big ‘Thank You’ to Margie Carter from Tuscola for testifying in front of the Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee.”

This legislation sets forth a process of when these classroom placement requests must be made and also provides for the local school board to make the classroom placement determination, after a hearing, if the principal determines that placement in the same classroom is disruptive to the classroom environment.

You may follow legislation and watch or listen to House proceedings live at www.ilga.gov.