Halbrook Passes Three Bills in House Committees: One Moves to the Senate for Consideration

Rep. Brad Halbrook debates his legislation in the Illinois House.

State Representative Brad Halbrook announced that three of his bills have been heard in committees this past week and one has passed the House and moved over to the Illinois Senate for consideration. House Bill 4253 which would amend the Public Water District Act and provides that an appointing authority may remove a public water district trustee it appointed for misconduct, official misconduct, or neglect of office.

“The legislation that is moving through the process this past week focuses on township and county government and may not be glitzy for most people but it is about good government practices and helping our local township governments function more efficiently,” said Rep. Brad Halbrook, a member of the Government Consolidation & Modernization Committee.

HB 4271 Amends the Counties Code to provide that the county authorities may (rather than shall) require that all auxiliary deputies be residents of the county served by them. HB 4697 would amend the Township Code to provide that if a vacant township supervisor office is filled by appointment, the appointed supervisor shall fulfill the bond requirement for township supervisors.

The fourth bill which passed out of committee this last week was House Bill 4822 that would create the Local Government Electronic Notification Act. It would allow a unit of local government to establish a process to allow people to select electronic notifications through an electronic notification delivery system for governmental mailings that are being sent by United States mail.

“With the ever-growing comfort level of people to use electronic systems to do business, permitting government to save money in postage and use electronic notifications makes sense,” added Rep. Halbrook.

To follow legislation and watch or listen to the proceedings of the House, you may click HERE to connect to the Illinois General Assembly web page.