Rep. Halbrook Twins Placement Bill Passes House

Pictured are Margie Carter of Tuscola and State Rep. Brad Halbrook testifying at the Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee.

State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) passed his legislation out of the House to require a school district to take into consideration the classroom placement of twins or higher order multiples in kindergarten through grade 5 as requested by the children’s parent or guardian upon registration. The measure passed nearly unanimously and now goes to the Illinois Senate for consideration.

“House Bill 4368 is a constituent lead initiative that I am pleased to work on,” said Rep. Brad Halbrook. “It is a bi-partisan effort and I look forward to its passage in the Senate.”

Earlier this month, Margie Carter from Tuscola, a mother of twin daughters, came to Springfield to testify on House Bill 4368 that would require schools to allow parents of twins to decide if their children are better in a classroom together or in separate classrooms.

Once the bill is signed into law by the governor, it would take effect immediately.