Tax Hike Bills Poised for House Committee Hearings-Make Your Voice Heard!

The two bills comprising the Democrats’ Progressive Income Tax increases have been posted to be heard in a House Committee Hearing on Monday, May 20th. Rep. Halbrook is encouraging local residents and organizations to make their voices heard by submitting witness slips stating their position on the tax.

Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 1 (changing the Constitution to eliminate Illinois’ current flat tax rate) and Senate Bill 687 (setting the new Progressive tax rates) will be heard in the House Revenue and Finance Committee on Monday, May 20th at 4:00pm in Committee Room 118 in the Capitol Building in Springfield. Rep. Halbrook noted that you may file a witness slip in person in the Committee room, or electronically at the General Assembly website here.

“These bills will fundamentally change the way Illinoisans are taxes for generations to come, and will pave the way for future tax increases on our families and businesses. It’s crucial that you make your voice heard by attending the hearing in person, or by filing out a witness slip online!” Rep. Halbrook said.