Halbrook Continues Prioritizing “New Illinois” Proposal

SHELBYVILLE… Continuing a national media tour to prioritize his “New Illinois” proposal, Rep. Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) appeared on national cable news program Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

“Chicago as a State, what would that look like? Would that be the most dysfunctional State out of 51,” inquired Tucker Carlson, Fox News host.  He asked the question on the minds of many downstate Illinoisans who grow weary of high debt, corruption, and population loss fueled by the population center of Illinois.

“The resolution calls for Congress to separate or make Chicago the 51st state.  Really the movement would be to see what counties are interested in forming a New Illinois…hopefully 101 counties would want to be a part of a New Illinois,” Halbrook continued.

“There are many issues they are having in the City that we just aren’t having in the rest of Illinois,” Halbrook went on. Halbrook went on to say he is getting way more positive than negative comments in response to his proposal.

“Additionally, I want to give the people of Illinois a choice between the path the rest of the Midwest is taking, enjoying an economic rebirth as they do, and the Chicago-centric approach where Illinois is falling behind,” explained Halbrook.

Pushing legislation to break Illinois free from Chicago, Halbrook asked, “Is state government working for you? Most Illinoisans are not being represented because power in this state is held by a few Chicago politicians.”

“There is a growing movement across the United States to break away rural portions from large population centers.  The status-quo is not working in Illinois,” Halbrook continued.

Video of Rep. Halbrook’s appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight can be found at Rep. Halbrook’s legislative website at https://youtu.be/ZqrmqCCe3Q0.