Halbrook Good Government Initiatives Become Law

Springfield – New laws spearheaded by State Representative Brad Halbrook will give residents more say in their local government, and help improve its accountability and functionality.

House Bill 3141 recently signed into law sets up guidelines permitting a Township board to appoint a temporary Supervisor to make sure a vital position will continue to be filled when there is an unexpected vacancy. Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) said a situation here in our district prompted the action.

“We recently had a Township Supervisor in our area resign unexpectedly; and that’s a vital position,” Representative Halbrook explained. “Supervisors control day to day operations and oversee projects and services our families depend upon. This new law allows for the board to appoint a “Deputy” to step in to temporarily keep Township operations running smoothly,” Representative Halbrook said.

The governor has also signed Representative Halbrook’s House Bill 3143 that will allow local voters, by referendum, to change the selection of the county property tax assessor or county supervisor of assessments from an appointed position to an elected position, or vice-versa.

“This is about giving local residents more control over the people and decisions that impact their wallets, and ultimately, their lives,” Representative Halbrook said.