Heartland Alliance Lauds Rep. Halbrook’s Work on Behalf of Illinois Families

Rep. Halbrook reviews legislation on his laptop during House proceedings.

The Heartland Alliance, one of the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations, has lauded State Representative Brad Halbrook for his work this spring to improve the lives of Illinois families.

The group’s Policy and Advocacy team specifically thanked Rep. Halbrook for his support of legislation geared to fight poverty statewide, including:

·         SB1321: Improves how Medicaid applications and renewals are processed so that families can obtain and/or keep Medicaid healthcare coverage in a timely way.

·         HB88: Reforms Illinois’s debt collection laws to help families get out of debt more quickly.

·         HB2118: Provides medical, food, and cash assistance to foreign-born survivors of human trafficking, torture and other serious crimes by continuing the VTTC program.

“This is an organization with which I don’t see eye-to-eye on every single issue, but I very much applaud their overall mission and I will always support policies and legislation that I believe will make life better for families here in Central Illinois,” Rep. Halbrook said.

Rep. Halbrook noted that the General Assembly will next return to Springfield for a two week fall veto session in October and November.