Emergency rule repealed but more rules could be on the way

The Governor today rescinded his emergency rule that would have slapped criminal charges on anyone violating the Governor’s stay at home orders, but State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) says there could be more orders on the way.

“This may be the calm before the storm,” Halbrook said. “Yes, it is good news the emergency rules to impose criminal charges on business owners have been repealed but we need to stay vigilant. Rest assured there will be more battles to fight. We need to keep the pressure on to fully reopen our state. We need to make sure our voice is being heard.”

Halbrook said the Governor and the Legislative leaders should be focused on the real issues facing Illinois – not on draconian rules to fine business owners for reopening or fretting about who is or who isn’t wearing a mask in Springfield. 

“Which legislators wearing masks or not wearing masks is not important,” Halbrook said. “We have a $7 billion hole in the budget in part because our Governor decided to shut down our economy. We have billions in backlogged bills. We have more than $137 billion in pension debt. We need to be solving these issues. We need to make our state solvent again so that we can withstand the next financial crisis. Instead, we keep having inane discussion about who is or who isn’t wearing a mask sitting at tables more than six feet apart. The ship is sinking and the Democrats along with many in the media are describing the drapes.”