Halbrook Sponsors Resolution to Remove Madigan as Speaker

Citing the ongoing list of scandals involving long-time House Speaker Michael Madigan, State Representative Brad Halbrook today joined dozens of House colleagues in calling for an immediate vote on a resolution to remove Madigan from the Speakership.

“In interviews with Federal prosecutors, Commonwealth Edison officials under investigation have admitted to seeking and receiving special favors and legislation from Speaker Madigan. If proven true, this is the very definition of government corruption and it’s not the first time Mike Madigan has been the target of serious investigations. The last forced the resignation of his powerful Chief of Staff,” said Representative Halbrook (R-Shelbyville). “Illinoisans’ trust in their state government has been shattered, and it will only be repaired with a new Speaker.”

Rep. Halbrook has demanded that Governor Pritzker call a Special Session of the General Assembly to address our ongoing ethics crisis, and to immediately consider legislation he is sponsoring (HR 885) to remove Michael Madigan from the office of Speaker.

“We need a new start in Illinois, and that requires a new House Speaker who can do the job without the constant cloud of corruption,” Rep. Halbrook concluded.