Halbrook: Pritzker continues attack on small business with push for “decoupling”

State Representative Brad Halbrook today reiterated that he will do everything in his power to stop measures Governor Pritzker continues to push that are devastating small businesses throughout our state. Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) said the latest attack from the administration is the governor’s plan to “decouple” from federal tax relief that is currently providing assistance to small businesses devastated by COVID closures and restrictions.

“It’s as if this governor has actually declared war on local business owners in our communities. His unilateral decision to practically shut down local restaurants, bars, and entire business sectors for nine months has already forced many small businesses to go under. Now, he wants to block those still hanging on from receiving tax relief approved by Congress in May. I will fight to protect our small businesses,” Rep. Halbrook said.

In the final hours of the General Assembly’s lame duck session this month, Governor Pritzker pushed a last minute amendment to Senate Bill 1199 that would “decouple” Illinois small businesses from COVID-related tax relief measures in the federal CARES Act. In debate, it was revealed that the “decoupling” would result in a tax increase on our small businesses of as much as $1.4 billion. The legislation fell 10 votes short of passage, but may be revisited. Governor Pritzker in recent days has said he will continue to push for its passage in the new General Assembly’s spring session.

“Make no mistake, this doesn’t impact large, multi-state corporations. It’s a direct hit on 400,000 small businesses throughout our state that are already suffering; and it’s unconscionable. We must not allow the Governor to balance his irresponsible, bloated budget on their backs,” Rep. Halbrook said.