Rep. Halbrook: Legislators Should Not “Cut in Line” to get COVID Vaccinations

Responding to this week’s announcement from the Governor’s office that members of the Illinois General Assembly have been added to those immediately eligible for the current round of COVID vaccinations, State Representative Brad Halbrook said he strongly opposes lawmakers being allowed to “cut in line” ahead of those more in need.

“This is another example of the poor planning and decision making going into our state’s vaccination roll-out,” Rep. Halbrook said. “This Administration has put prison inmates ahead of many others with serious underlying health concerns, and now has decided that healthy legislators should be allowed to cut in line as well. I won’t jump ahead of others with conditions that put them at risk. I will wait my turn and I encourage my colleagues to do the same,” said Rep. Halbrook (R-Shelbyville).“We have other ways in which we can get our work done. We don’t need to be moved to the head of the line.”