Halbrook Secures Spokesman Position on Key House Committees

As the new 102nd General Assembly gets underway, State Representative Brad Halbrook has secured leadership positions on key House committees that play a vital oversight role for state spending, and for local governments. Representative Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) will serve for the next two years as the Republican Spokesman on the House Counties and Townships Committee, and the House General Services-Appropriation Committee. He will also serve on the Cities and Villages Committee, and the Housing Committee.

“As we head into our most challenging session in memory these committees will play a vital role in helping our communities heal and recover from last year’s COVID response disaster,” Rep. Halbrook said. “State Government must work in cooperation with our city, county and township officials, rather than the failed one-size-fits-all approach the governor forced on the entire state last year.”

Representative Halbrook said he is especially pleased to have secured a leadership position on the House General Services-Appropriations Committee that provides a first review of a wide variety of state funding issues.

“Serving as Spokesman, I can ensure points of view from our rural communities are represented throughout the process of deciding where taxpayer funding is spent. This, too, is critical to helping our families and businesses recover. Let’s get to work!” Halbrook said.