Halbrook, House Republicans Push for Video Conferences to Help Local Families Resolve IDES Claims

State Representative Brad Halbrook and House Republican colleagues bolstered their efforts to connect local families needing unemployment assistance with agents from the Department of Employment Security (IDES) through calls and video conferencing in their district offices.

“The Department’s handling of applications for the hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans who have desperately needed help over the past year has been an utter disaster.  By far, the biggest problem for impacted families has been getting answers, and in many cases, even getting a response at all from Department employees. In the meantime, some families have lost everything waiting for help to arrive.  Many more are on the brink.” Rep. Halbrook said.

In a letter to the Governor, Rep. Halbrook and other Republicans formally requested that IDES agents participate in phone calls and video conferences between local claimants and IDES agents. Families needing help can video conference with the Department from the Representatives’ legislative offices.

“In hearings we have urged Department Officials to work with us on ideas to help connect constituents with agents that can help. We have received no response. Now, on behalf our constituents, we’re going directly to Governor Pritzker. He needs to stop shifting blame for this failure and work with us to fix it.  Now,” Rep. Halbrook said.

Read the letter here.