Democrats Push New K-5 Sex Education Mandates

In the final weekend of the Spring Legislative Session Democrats in the Illinois House pushed through the House legislation for sex education for our children beginning in Kindergarten. Senate Bill 818 for the first time expands sex/sexual health education for children in Illinois to include those in Kindergarten through 5th grade, and sets mandatory “standards” for all.

“These ‘standards’ open the door for children as young as 6 to be exposed to materials that are much too explicit, and confusing for them,” said Rep. Brad Halbrook, who cast a resounding “no” vote on the legislation. “To make matters worse, local school boards and parents themselves will have no say at all in what their young children will be taught about their bodies and their choices It’s this plan or nothing.”

Under Senate Bill 818, any school teaching any sex education materials must adhere to the National Sex Education Standards, which, Rep. Halbrook noted, may include materials and specific subject matter that many parents find objectionable for their young children. It passed the House Friday evening by a slim 60-vote margin,

“There were even a few members on the other side of the aisle who recognized that this is simply wrong. Our children’s innocence is at stake. Parents’ right to raise their children based on their own values and beliefs is at stake. I urge all concerned parents in our area to contact Governor Pritzker and urge him to veto Senate Bill 818,” Rep. Halbrook said.