Chicago-Area Democrats Continue Attack on Illinoisans’ Second Amendment Rights

As the Spring legislative session draws to a close, Chicago-area Democrats continue their attack on law abiding Illinois gun owners’ Constitutional rights. Over Memorial Day Weekend, Democrats pushed through the House legislation to require fingerprinting for all gun owners, among other infringements on our 2nd Amendment Rights.

“It’s ironic that Democrats chose the weekend dedicated to those who have lost their lives defending our rights to push through another bill that dishonors that sacrifice by purposely infringing on those very rights!” Rep. Halbrook said.

HB 1091 as amended passed the House with 60 votes. It requires all law-abiding gun owners to submit to fingerprinting. It also increases the cost of obtaining a Firearm Owners ID (FOID) card to $20 while requiring a new card to be purchased every 5 years instead of the current 10-year term of validity.

“Every year Chicago-area Democrats work to chip away our 2nd Amendment rights piece by piece with the ultimate goal of eliminating them entirely. The good news is that on this legislation, a motion has been filed to reconsider it in the House, so we still have a chance to stop it before it advances to the Senate. ” Halbrook said. “Downstate Republicans and Democrats must stand together to stop this attack on our Constitutional rights.”