LIG Resigns, Cites “No Real Power to Effect Change”

It was announced earlier today that Illinois’ Legislative Inspector General, Carol Pope resigned. In her resignation she noted that the state’s failure to enact real ethics reform left her office with “no real power to effect change or shine a light on ethics violations.” Pope submits her resignation in the midst of a massive and ongoing federal corruption investigation, which has led to criminal charges against a number of former lawmakers.

State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville), issued the following statement in response: 

“For all their lip service, Illinois Democrats, who hold the reins of power in state government, refuse to enact any meaningful ethics reforms – the kind of reforms that would have given the LIG’s office some teeth. That’s why I was proud to be one of just 5 ‘No’ votes on their latest sham ethics reform bill. Ms. Pope’s resignation confirms it’s illegitimacy.

The culture hasn’t changed because we have a new Speaker. This is still Madigan’s Machine, in which power is used for personal gain, special interests are a protected class, and anyone who attempts to change that is thrown out in the cold. 

We are in desperate need of reform. At this point, sadly, it’s clear that the only way to change the political culture in Illinois is by changing out our political leaders.”