“Sham” Ethics Reform Bill Passes House, Sent to the Governor

Late Thursday the Illinois House of Representatives voted to accept the changes made to the ethics reform bill.  The bill will pass on to Governor Pritzker to be signed into law.

The ethics bill was originally proposed in May of this year.  Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope resigned over the bill, stating that it would interfere with her ability to conduct investigations. 

Rep. Halbrook issued the following statement:

“This ethics bill was a sham when it was proposed and it’s a sham now.  Anyone who believes that the Democratic Party of Illinois is interested in ethics reform is kidding themselves.  The bill is such garbage that LIG Pope resigned over it, and it hasn’t gotten any better since then.  Just like the illegal maps the Democrats drew, the ‘ethics’ bill is another demonstration that they have no interest in doing the right thing – but they’ll do anything to keep themselves in power.”