Rep. Halbrook Calls on FEMA, White House to Expedite Federal Aid to Illinois

In addition to the high-speed winds that knocked down trees, power-lines, and caused other damage, six tornadoes were confirmed throughout Illinois on Friday. Six fatalities and multiple injuries occurred when a tornado touched down in Madison, causing the roof of a private business to collapse. Yesterday, Governor Pritzker signed a disaster declaration.  Rep Halbrook released the following statement.

Since Friday’s tragedy at the Amazon warehouse, local organizations and teams of first responders have worked very hard to enact rescue searches, clear debris, and attempt to stabilize the communities most impacted. Their job is huge.  I am frustrated that while my neighbors were suffering many found this tragedy to be an opportunity to push their political climate agenda. I am glad the Governor finally enacted a disaster proclamation to bring in federal assistance. I guarantee you that I will be working with state and local officials to ensure accountability for the resources sent to the people of Illinois who need them.

“I am additionally calling on FEMA and the White House to expedite a Major Disaster Declaration and render immediate federal aid to Illinois. It is crucial that Illinois can count on the federal government’s assistance in addressing this natural disaster.”