Halbrook: Governor’s Response to Roe V Wade Leak is Reckless and Pathetic

Governor Pritzker’s Hyperbole on Draft Opinion is Out of Step with Majority of Illinoisans

This week Politico released a leaked draft copy of Justice Alito’s Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade and send decisions about abortion laws back to the states.   In response, Governor Pritzker, and numerous other Democrat legislators, released statements vowing that, “abortion will always be safe and legal here in Illinois. Illinois is and will remain a beacon of hope in an increasingly dark world.” 

In response, State Representative Brad Halbrook released the following statement:

“Governor Pritzker and the Democrats’ response to the leaked draft opinion on overturning the nearly 50-year old Roe v. Wade decision is reckless and pathetic. Even before the Supreme Court leak on the upcoming Roe v. Wade decision has been verified, Governor Pritzker is wringing his hands proclaiming ‘the sky is falling’! Governor Pritzker made no mention of the unethical and unprecedented leak in his press release, completely ignoring the assault on our democratic institutions.

We all know this is political theater, but this is some of his best drama: “The terrifying implications of this decision and what it means for millions of women across the country cannot be understated,” he said. His supporting cast, fellow Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly, didn’t waste any time adding their overacting to his play either, some more concerned about women from out of state than women in this state where abortion clinics are lightly regulated or inspected, if at all.

It is Governor Pritzker and the Democrats who are extremists on abortion.  Polls show two-thirds of Illinoisans believe abortion should only be legal in the first trimester and 72 percent believe parents have a right to know if their daughter is seeking an abortion.  The 2019 law

allowed for abortions to be performed through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason and last fall the Democrats passed, and Governor Pritzker signed, legislation that repealed parental notice of abortion.

Democrats are desperate. This has very little to do with Roe v. Wade and everything to do with clinging to their power and relevancy. We need to look away from their toddler tantrum and focus on protecting the most vulnerable among us.”