Rep. Halbrook: How Many Corruption Convictions Will It Take?

Late Thursday former Chief of Staff to longtime, now indicted, Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan was found guilty of lying to the Federal government in the government’s investigation into Madigan’s corruption. The conviction could result in Timothy Mapes receiving a lengthy prison sentence.

Speaker Madigan’s trial involving charges he’s facing for RICO violations amidst a corruption bribery and racketeering scandal is expected to begin in 2024.

Since the 103rd General Assembly was seated in January of 2023 Rep. Halbrook and House Republicans have renewed their demands for sweeping ethics reforms to clean up government and stamp out corruption. Despite multiple press conferences, multiple bills being introduced, and sadly, multiple trials, guilty verdicts, and new indictments, House Democrats have refused to take meaningful action on comprehensive ethics reforms.

“This is another disgrace. How many corruption convictions will it take to force the Democrat majority in the House and Senate to do something?” asked Rep. Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville). “It’s easy to understand why families in Illinois have lost faith in their government, and why so many are simply choosing to move to another state. We MUST enact real, meaningful reforms to stop the ongoing culture of corruption. Putting Illinois back on a path to growth and prosperity begins with honest government.”

House Republicans will continue to demand necessary changes to state ethics laws, including:

– Empower the Legislative Inspector General with subpoena power, so that the LIG’s office can conduct thorough, meaningful investigations.

–  End the practice of legislators working as lobbyists. This creates inherent conflicts of interest and undermines the faith and trust of the people of Illinois in their government.

–   Suspend pensions from retired lawmakers that face corruption charges stemming from their work as legislators.

– Prohibit the practice of politicians utilizing their campaign committee war chests for legal defense against charges of misconduct, sexual harassment, or discrimination.