Halbrook Commends First Responders Working Fatal Anhydrous Ammonia Accident, Pledges Cleanup and Safety Support

State Representative Brad Halbrook today thanked all first responders who have been helping on the scene of an accident on US 40 near Teutopolis involving an overturned tanker leaking anhydrous ammonia, and pledged his continued support for whatever is needed to clean up the accident scene to ensure the safety of residents and motorists in the immediate area.

“My deepest sympathies go out to those affected by the incident. The fumes from the overturned tanker on Friday night quickly and tragically resulted in five fatalities on the scene, and multiple injuries, but the situation would have been much worse if not for the quick action of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency-Office of Homeland Security, and the Illinois Department of Public Health, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, Teutopolis Fire Protection, and all other law enforcement, fire. and emergency management agencies in Effingham County who put their own lives at risk to render aid, divert traffic away from the area, and begin the clean-up of the ammonia. They are heroes,” said Rep. Halbrook.

Rep. Halbrook said ongoing efforts include the Illinois EPA ensuring all contamination from the incident is properly addressed, and the investigation into the cause of the crash being conducted by the Illinois State Police.

“I am very proud of and thankful for all the local first responders and state agencies that are working to ensure the scene is safe for local families and motorists,” Rep. Halbrook said. “We will double down on our efforts to get IDOT, ISP, and all involved agencies engaged to find solutions to make construction zones and affected areas safer and more secure.”