Halbrook to Pritzker: “Show us the money!”

Over the last few weeks, State Representative Brad Halbrook has made multiple specific requests to the Pritzker administration for information on taxpayer spending for illegal aliens and non-citizen care. These requests have been made by his Republican staff and directly from him to the administration. To date, very little useful information has been received despite Governor Pritzker issuing a disaster declaration over the influx of migrants.

“The lack of transparency is appalling. Governor Pritzker already plans on spending $1.5 billion dollars on illegals and non-citizens and his people won’t tell us where the money is going,” said State Representative Brad Halbrook.

What little data I have shows over $700 million has already been designated for migrants that was intended for assistance to Illinoisans. Another $831 million is forecasted to be spent for non-citizen healthcare which is $281 million more than authorized in the budget that passed this spring. That line item was hotly debated and negotiated amongst the Democrats.

If this migrant issue is important enough for the Governor to file his 18th disaster declaration over it, then it is important enough to give us specific information about the costs – how much and who’s getting the money.  My constituents are fed up with the politicians spending our money on people who break our laws. Illinoisans of all political stripes oppose the Democrat open border agenda and now they’re hiding the costs.”