Halbrook resolution honors, defends religious freedom

On Religious Freedom Day this week State Representative Brad Halbrook introduced a new resolution in the House to commemorate and protect that precious right guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States.

“There’s a very good reason that freedom of religion was the very first right guaranteed in the first amendment to the Constitution…it was fundamental to our democracy then and still is today’” Rep. Halbrook said. Watch here.

Each year the President of the United States declares January 16th as Religious Freedom Day and calls upon Americans to observe this day through appropriate events and activities in homes, schools, and places of worship.  January 16th was the chosen date for celebration as it is the anniversary of the exact date in 1786 when the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom was passed.

Halbrook’s House Resolution 555 designates January 16, 2024 as Religious Freedom Day in Illinois, and encourages citizens to reflect on our proud tradition of religious freedom so that it will be preserved for future generations.  

“Unfortunately, here in our own country and state we have recently seen a very disturbing rise in antisemitism and religious intolerance. That is not freedom, and it cannot stand. Ideally, we would reflect on our founding principles and guaranteed freedoms all the time; but we can at least start by observing and celebrating on January 16 our freedom to worship as we choose.”