Halbrook, House Colleagues Seek Public Hearings on Migrant Crisis

After personally touring the Texas/Mexico border and attempting to visit migrant shelters in Chicago, Rep. Halbrook and several of his House Republican colleagues this week formally requested that the Illinois House conduct public hearings across the state so our families’ concerns will be heard. The letter sent to House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch is below.

RE: Illegal Immigration Crisis Public Hearings

Dear Mr. Speaker,
We, the below listed members of the Illinois General Assembly, are deeply concerned with the
ongoing illegal immigration crisis in Illinois.
Last week, several members traveled to Chicago to tour migrant shelters and facilities, and
speak with local residents about the impact of this crisis on their communities. Those
experiences were shocking to say the least. First and foremost, we were kicked out of two
shelters by government employees, including the Washington Public Library, because we did
not have a “scheduled visit”. All the while, dozens of unidentified people walked right past us
into the shelter facility. Our next experience at the Standard Club was nearly identical, with
some staff referring to the legislators as posing a “security and safety risk”.
Following these visits and others, we sat down for lunch with concerned local residents from
minority communities. These individuals passionately presented us with a list of solutions, and
frankly some demands. Additionally, they were beyond frustrated that they have not heard from
many of their local legislators on this issue. Their primary request is what we are carrying out in
this letter.
Due to very serious concerns surrounding the immigration crisis, we are formally requesting the
Illinois House of Representatives hold public hearings on this topic in Northern, Central and
Southern Illinois, beginning with the City of Chicago. These people deserve to have their voices
heard, publicly.
State Representative David Friess
State Representative Blaine Wilhour
State Representative Chris Miller
State Representative Adam Niemerg
State Representative Dan Caulkins
State Representative Jed Davis
State Representative Brad Halbrook