Illinois House Congratulates Village of Stewardson on 150th Anniversary

Springfield…The Village of Stewardson is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary this year, and the Illinois House of Representatives joined Rep. Brad Halbrook in offering congratulations and good wishes.

Stewardson Mayor Paul Antrim was introduced to members of the House as Rep. Halbrook read from the congratulatory resolution that had been officially adopted by unanimous vote of the House last week.

“Its citizens show care and concern for family, neighbors, and community, and they also show continued dedication toward growth and a positive vision for the future,” Rep. Halbrook quoted from the resolution.

Stewardson was founded on September 30, 1874. Its history included important events such as the establishment of the first village newspaper, the completion of an opera hall, and the 1910 vote for the village to become a dry community that wasn’t repealed until 2013. Today, the Village of Stewardson is home to more than 20 businesses, three churches, a Community Center, American Legion Hall, and the Stewardson Fire and Ambulance District.

“Stewardson is a standing example of the positive growth that can be found in a small community. I know there will be many more memorable anniversaries to come!” Rep. Halbrook said.