Halbrook, House Mark Strasburg’s 150th Anniversary

Rep. Halbrook this week led the Illinois House in celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Village of Strasburg.

Many of Strasburg’s first settlers in the 1860’s and 1870’s were of German origin. They were joined by a number of Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1880’s; all drawn by the area’s rich soil and plentiful water from tributaries to the Richland Creek. Strasburg will officially celebrate its anniversary June 14-June 16.

“This is truly a milestone –150 years of hard work, self-discipline, and true care and concern for neighbors have bult a thriving community that we are all very proud of,” Rep. Halbrook said.

This week the House unanimously passed House Resolution 805, congratulating Strasburg officials and residents on 150 years of progress.  Rep. Halbrook introduced Strasburg Town Councilmen Robert “Bob” Anderson and Dr. Ian Kinkley who watched from the House gallery as he presented the resolution.

“Illinois has so much to offer; and communities like Strasburg are at the top of the list,” Rep. Halbrook said.