Rep. Halbrook: Illinois Democrats Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend by Raising Taxes

Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly celebrated their Memorial Day holiday by pushing through a new state budget that includes $1 billion in tax increases on Illinois families and businesses. The Democrats’ new $53.1 billion state budget for Fiscal Year 2025 (again the largest in Illinois history) also includes more money for illegal immigrants, stressed State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville).

“While you were paying 10% more for your Memorial Day cookout this year, Democrats in the General Assembly marked the holiday by raising your taxes by $1 billion and giving a staggering $1 billion more of your money to non-citizens who are here illegally,” Rep. Halbrook said. “This Governor and legislative majority have no plans to EVER make state government live within its means, and to allow you to keep more of the money you have worked hard for.”